Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I've moved!

Hi! You can now find me on www.getfrank.co.uk!

Friday, 17 October 2008


This is me pretty much right now...not that pretty is the operative word.

I'm in co director Tim Keeling's house waiting for the shower so I can sort my hair out. We've got to be on set at 7.40am. I'm bit worried cos that means leaving in 25 mins so I need the shower asap!!! We're doing a short sequence today, I don't say much to be honest, I do have a nice 'go, RUUUUUUUUUN!' line so I'm looking forward to having a bit of a scream!

You can check out my abbey blog www.abbeyonart.blogspot.com if you like!


Friday, 10 October 2008


i have been cast as Abbey in internet zombie movie for definite. Whoohoo!

I have a busy day today. 2 and a half hours of practical followed by interviews with Clare Edwards of Gigbeth and Lyle Bignon of the Birmingham Town Hall. Luckily my boyfriend is coming down to chauffeur me round!


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Radio rankings

So burnfm did not recieve any nominations for this year's SRA awards.

Looking at the list the front runners seem to be URN (nottingham) and Smoke (westminister?)
Part of the reason for this is money.

Last year we had to go off air after three weeks because we hadn't the money for air conditioning. 

I think one of the reasons our studio is small and ill equipped in comparison to other stations is due to our lack of radio course at the uni. Smoke fm is run by students who study radio and Nottingham is probably the same. Leeds has it's own paid sabbatical station manager.

Of course part of it is down to dedication and, speaking for myself here, I am SO dedicated to Burnfm.com. I've spent the summer working at myspace radio, bbc radio and 4talent to get experience to help further this year. I really want to get Burn off the ground and up there with the best.

The thing is, the SRA should consider the size of stations. On it's list of members it says the members for each station (which are wrong for Burn) and the transmission data. If they are so concerned with these details then they should be considered when selecting nominees. A station with say, 500 members has a larger talent pool/time for broadcast than one with less than a hundred. Each of those members will pay subscription fees which pump money into the station. Students are more likely to pay if the station already looks good/has benefitted from members'/student union money.

Some uni's also are more willing to accomodate their stations. At the moment I'm not sure where Burn stands so my current plan is to try and improve relations with the uni and see where it goes...

Photos and Abbey...

I've decided to change my profile pic to something more fun. As you can see i've had a bit of dutch courage and a whale of a time! Wanted something Birmingham/current rather than Kent/old.

For the time being I've had to change my blogger name to Abbey. This is because I've set up a viral blog, 'Abbey on Art' to coincide with the filming/promo for Internet Zombie Movie. Hat Trick Television, who are making mini webisodes  have asked for permission to show my blog in their webisodes and/or possibly in the half hour long documentary that is going to be made for BBC Three. (Oh my goodness!) It looks like I'll be playing Abbey in the film which will be incredible. I'll be filming from the weekend of the 18th and the following weekend. (Which leaves minimum time for editors...gulp.)

In radio land my poor station manager is ill so I helped lead today's committee meeting. We're looking at promotion, training and schedules. The schedule will hopefully be finished by sunday. I'm worried about Rhubarb as I don't think that realistically, I have time to commit to it. I'll try and settle in and see what happens but I know I need to focus first and foremost on Burnfm.com (and my degree which I'm beginning to enjoy again.)


Monday, 6 October 2008

Currently I am in love with...

Aqueous Cream BP - if you've ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it is the Windex of my world at the moment. Also a mighty fine bargain!

Chris Walker - Actually forces me to sing. And is taking me to see Forced Entertainment at the Warwick Arts Centre with their new show Spectacular. And bought me a locket.

Subkicks - Just confirmed for Gigbeth. Addicted within one listen. They sound hot.

Culture Deluxe - Site I now review for. Just got Los Campesinos' new album to review and am off to review Ladyhawke, Electrilickers, Deluka and Deaf Oh Eff tonight at 444 Club from 8pm at the Rainbow, Digbeth.

444 Club - Just awesome.

Fuzz - As I am nicking her computer right now.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

wrong and sorry

I wrote a response to a blogger vis a vis Gigbeth the other day.
Unfortunately it was on the Gigbeth blog when possibly it should have been here, or perhaps no where.
Basically I responded to a blog which said that Sugarhill Gang and D Ream would be more in place at Gay Pride than Gigbeth so I responded by saying that Sugarhill Gang were at Bestival etc... Perhaps this would not have seemed out of term, but then I hinted at the blogger being a Simon Cowell type, this was completely wrong on my part and I am ever the idiot for saying it.

Right now I feel awful because I feel like I have let everyone at Gigbeth down and I hope the festival is not affected because of it. With the blog I find out the acts pretty much as everyone else does and then I report on it accordingly. There's still over a month until the event and not everything is confirmed, with promoters who work with the festival still having not announced their final lineups.

I've been passionate about music in Birmingham since I moved here just over a year ago and Gigbeth really gives the scene a boost. I can't believe I've been foolish enough to scupper that.

I've been blogging since, well this blog and the Gigbeth blog started and as of yet, have had no 'code of conduct' to adhere to. Previously its been as my perogative simply to report on the positives and I should have stuck to that. My passion clearly got the better of me in this case. Maybe I got carried away with trying to be a journalist. On Gigbeth this is not my job.

I hope that people will come and judge the festival themselves, not via my one silly, naive and remarkably short post.